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From Archipelago to Aussie Dreams: Unveiling the Magnetic Pull of Australian Education for Filipino Students

Filipino students are drawn to Australia's emphasis on safety and its high standard of living. These days, a large number of Filipino international students decided to study in Australia.

Individuals with a degree already in hand, college students, and recent high school graduates. But are you aware of the cause? Let's hear from a few of our students who are presently studying in Australia on student visas:

●      “It is the opportunity to work. Compared to non-visa countries, Australia has a good pay rate. But for me personally, nothing about Australia - I based it on someone else's experience here.”

●      “Mostly a recommendation from my family but when I do my own research, Australia provides a good quality education that would surely be my edge if I graduated from one of those. Slowly, I can also discover the beauty and safety of living in this country.”

Why do International students from the Philippines choose to come to Australia?

●      Multicultural Lifestyle

Australia is a dynamic, multiracial nation. Australia's multicultural policy and immigration history are long-standing efforts to create conditions that allow immigrants to contribute fully to society and the economy. Due to its diversity and multiculturalism, studying in Australia is a very special experience. Immigrants make up about 30% of the population; in 2019, there were residents of Australia from every nation on earth! Read inspiring stories here.

●      Working while studying

International students can work part-time while studying in Australia if they have a student visa. Every student visa holder is allowed to work 20 hours per week, plus as many hours as they want during any planned breaks in their studies. With this option, students can finance a portion of their education through employment, making attendance at school much more affordable. See more details in the conditions of Visa 500.

●      High-quality Education

Studying in Australia guarantees you an unmatched educational experience, globally recognized credentials, and abundant career opportunities. Because Australian universities are well-known for their innovative approaches to training and research, amazing natural surroundings, energetic cities, and abundance of oceans, many students dream of studying in the country. See more reasons why Australia got a world-class education.

●      Excellent career opportunities

Australia's economy is booming, and there are lots of job opportunities available in a variety of industries thanks to the country's dynamic and evolving job market. Because of its strong infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, the nation is a desirable location for businesses, offering professionals in a variety of fields job opportunities. Additionally, you have most weekends to yourself.

●      The chance to live in Australia permanently

In Australia, international students have the option to enrol in various PR courses related to fields such as Trade, IT, Nursing, and more. These courses can be instrumental in securing post-study opportunities and permanent residency. It's important to note that not all Australian courses offer equally favourable PR prospects, so exercising caution in selecting your degree is crucial if you have aspirations for permanent residency.

Discovering the motivations behind Filipinos choosing Australia for their studies is a fascinating journey, isn’t it? Why don’t you share your own experiences by leaving comments below. So If you're eager to unravel these reasons firsthand, the ICG group stands prepared to be your guide.

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